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“Fabian is friendly, patient and a very good tennis coach. He made me feel welcome from the first time I met him. I have seen him work with people of all ages and tennis standards and it is obvious he loves what he does. I think he has a natural ability to work with people and his understanding of the game, and it’s finer points is of the highest standard.”

Andy - Australia

“I have been having lessons with Fabian for over a year and I have learnt a great deal from him. I am not a naturally gifted player by any means, but Fabian has been extremely patient, friendly and full of encouragement. I have gone from just about getting the ball over the net to playing in group sessions and tournaments. As a professional teacher myself I would say that Fabian is an unusually good teacher, who has obviously had a lot of training and experience at teaching, and deploys a wide variety of very effective teaching techniques, tailored to the individual His lessons are excellent value.”

Richard - UK

“Fabian Kum is something of a local celebrity in Hackney and especially London Fields where he regularly coaches. 80% of people passing the courts, either children on their way to school, cyclists, dog walkers, wet haired lido users, early morning joggers, get a hello or a wave from Fabian. His coaching skills, patience and perception of ability starts with toddlers who can just about wield a racquet to those of stiffer and more senior limbs like myself. It was seeing the rapid progress of my 9 year old son’s abilities on court under Fabians’ tutelage that prompted me to sign up for regular tennis sessions three years ago. What Fabian was able to achieve through persistent and rigorous training was for me to drop some of my acquired bad habits and begin to introduce some structured techniques into my game and at the same time have a lot of fun. I would highly recommend him to anyone at any level. Thanks Fabian.”

Simon - UK

“Fabian is a very patient and hard working tennis coach He has improved my game both tecnically and tactically and I always enjoy his lessons.”

Jim - UK

“I always enjoyed tennis but had never been coached. After picking up the game again as an adult, I quickly realised that my unreliable serve and woefully weak backhand were huge liabilities. Fabian’s coaching sessions are challenging and great fun, I could see improvement after almost every lesson. Fabian also holds a Sunday group coaching session which provides the opportunity to hit with a variety of partners. Coaching has given me the skills I needed to play enjoyable rallies and games, and even start putting some strategies together. I never would have believed I could play at the level I am playing now - Thanks Fab!”

Andrew, 37 - Hackney